How to Keep Your Fridge Clean

You probably tell yourself all the time that, this month, you’re going to get down into the nitty-gritty of your fridge and make it spotlessly clean. But how often does that actually happen? We get it – cleaning your fridge isn’t the easiest (or most fun) task on your to-do list. If you’re one of those people who only cleans out the fridge when it starts to smell bad, it might be wise to take a day to implement some tips that will keep your fridge clean and organized all the time.

Avoid Spills with Plastic Wrap

Spills normally require you to take most of your food out of the fridge before cleaning the mess. Save yourself time and effort by placing plastic wrap over each shelf, so you can quickly remove spills that way. If you don’t want to wrap the entire shelf, just place the plastic wrap around items that tend to spill.

Don’t Mix Foods

You risk contamination if your milk, veggies, and meats are together in the same spot. Put your veggies in drawers, your meat on bottom shelves, and your milk on top shelves. This way, if the meat packaging should leak, the rest of your food is safe.

Stock the Door Well

Certain foods should be stored on your fridge door since it keeps food at different temperatures. Place condiments such as mustards and salad dressings here. However, don’t keep juices or milk here since the door won’t keep them cold enough. Lukewarm milk? Gross!

Avoid Overbuying

Every time you plan on going grocery shopping, check your fridge and pantry first, and make a list of what you actually need. This way, you won’t end up buying food you don’t need or have room for. Plus, you’ll save money by not buying items you already have.

It’s important to keep your fridge clean so you can extend its life. It’s also important to schedule tune-ups and get repairs done when you need them. If you’re in need of fridge maintenance or repairs on Long Island, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs at 866-782-9376. We provide same day service within one hour 24/7 – “you just can’t beat the service!”


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