Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Whether you’re a long-time homeowner or you’re moving into your own place for the first time, there are some kitchen appliances that are essential for creating a space of convenience and ease. While there are some that suit certain homeowners better than others, these are a few must-haves for every kitchen.


If you’re a fan of smoothies, you need to have one of these in your kitchen. You can easily whip up delicious fruit smoothies for a quick, on-the-go breakfast in the morning, and blend veggies into creamy soups for nightly dinners. If you need a little treat at the end of the day, use your blender to make yourself a frozen margarita. (We won’t tell!)

Food Processors

These bad boys are a jack of all trades when it comes to kitchen appliances. They save you tons of time by chopping, slicing, and pureeing a wide variety of foods. Plus they can keep you from pointlessly dirtying other bowls and cutlery. Need to make a pesto sauce? Drop all the ingredients in your food processor for a minute, and enjoy the smooth result.

Toaster Ovens

If you have available counter space, definitely invest in a convection-powered toaster oven. This kitchen appliance preheats in just five minutes and is able to do way more than just heat food or make toast. You can forgo using your big oven and bake cookies, pies, pizza, and more in this powerful little guy.

Coffee Maker

This one sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people waste money every single day on their morning coffee. Purchase a programmable coffee maker that will wake you up with a hot cup of java each day. Good-quality models can keep your coffee hot for hours without scorching the brew.

Having the right appliance makes for easy cooking every time. Make sure all your kitchen appliances are running properly with help from Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. We offer refrigerator and appliance repair services to all of Long Island, NYC, & beyond. Call us at 866-782-9376 today for help within the hour!


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