Prevent Food Poisoning by Keeping Your Refrigerator Safe!

Food poisoning can come from more places than an undercooked hamburger. In
fact, many cases of foodborne illnesses start in the kitchen, which
is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
to WebMD, tainted food is responsible for over 300,000
hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths per year in the United States
alone. The good news is that about 25% of these cases can be
prevented by practicing better food safety habits, especially
pertaining to your refrigerator.
Here is
what you can do to make your refrigerator – and thus your kitchen,
and your entire home – a safer place:
  • Store your raw
    meat on the bottom shelf.
    bottom shelf is one of the coldest areas of the refrigerator, which
    will help preserve your raw meats for longer. Doing this also
    prevents the meat from dripping down and contaminating the food
    beneath it.
  • Clean your
    refrigerator every 2 weeks.
    you ever discovered a scientific experiment lurking in the depths of
    your refrigerator? That’s what happens when you neglect to clean it;
    make an effort to go through your fridge other week and throw
    away food which has expired.
  • Wipe up all
    spills immediately.
    leaks, and drippings are a leading source of cross-contamination in
    the kitchen. Keep an eye on your refrigerator shelves and clean up
    any noticeable spills and stains immediately.
  • Shop smarter.
    safety begins at the grocery store. Carefully inspect all meats,
    produce, and dairy products before you buy them, looking for signs
    of spoiling or contamination. Be sure to check the dates on all foods, even
    those in cans and jars.
  • Keep your
    refrigerator below 40° F.
    optimal temperature for a refrigerator is between 34-38 degrees.
    Once the temperature reaches 40, bacteria growth rates begin to
    spike, causing your food to prematurely spoil.
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