Pros and Cons of Each Refrigerator Style

If you
are buying a new refrigerator for the first time in a while, you may
have noticed the abundance of options which are now available to you.
Buying a refrigerator is no longer a simple choice, and many things
need to be taken into consideration before a purchase is made. One of
the first things you will want to consider is the style of
refrigerator you will want. Generally speaking, refrigerators come in
four categories – top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, and
French door. A basic list of the pros and cons of each type can be
found below.

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Top Freezer models
are what you likely picture when you think of a refrigerator. These
traditional models feature the freezer located above the fresh food
  • Pros
    – These classic refrigerators are usually the cheapest to buy and
    repair. On average, they offer the most usable space per cubic foot
    and the doors swing open wide to allow shelves and bins to be
  • Cons
    – The wide-swinging doors of these models require more space to be
    opened fully. These models also tend to have less features available
    to them. 
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Bottom Freezer
refrigerators are the inverse
of their top-freezer counterparts. The fresh food compartment is
elevated to a more convenient height, and the freezer is usually
accessed via pull-out drawer.
  • Pros
    – As mentioned, much of the fresh food section is at eye level,
    which is very convenient because it is used much more than the
    freezer in most homes. This type of refrigerator is also one of the
    most energy-efficient styles.
  • Cons
    – Because the freezer is now at the bottom, you will have to bend
    over to access it. Bottom-freezer models are also more expensive
    than top-freezer alternatives.
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French Door refrigerators
are a special kind of bottom-freezer model where the fresh food
compartment has two doors that can be pulled open to reveal a very
spacious interior.
  • Pros
    – The French door refrigerator combines the benefits of
    bottom-freezer and side-by-side models. The shelf width of these
    types allow for easy storage of platters and pizza boxes. The narrow
    doors do not require as much space to be opened and these models
    offer a variety of features.
  • Cons
    – The biggest drawback of French door refrigerators is their high
    price tag.
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Side-By-Side models
are unique because the fresh food and frozen compartments both take
up the full height of the unit and are divided vertically down the
  • Pros
    – The side-by-side placement of the doors allows for a convenient
    height to access both the fresh and frozen food compartments. Also,
    like the French door model, narrow doors require less space for
    opening. This type allows for the most freezer space of all of the
    refrigerator styles.
  • Cons
    – The narrow sections do not handle wide platters well and
    sometimes make items in the back difficult to find. More freezer
    space results in less fresh food space and these models are
    typically pricier than top-freezer or bottom-freezer models.
    Side-by-side refrigerators are not energy-efficient.
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