4 Qualities to Look for in an Appliance Repair Service

If your
refrigerator is malfunctioning, what do you do? You could grab
your checkbook and head to the nearest appliance store, but chances
are you could have your unit repaired for a fraction of the cost of buying
a new one.
you decide to look up local repair services instead. There are
probably going to be several to pick from in your area, so how do you
know which one to choose? It’s easy, just look for these four qualities:

Licenses &

looking for an appliance repair service, you want to make sure to
hire someone who is qualified to do the job. When you are prospecting
companies, call them and ask if they are certified to work in your
state, and ask for their license number.

Years of Experience

always a good sign when a company has been in business for a long
time – it means that they are clearly doing something right.
Experience is not the be-all and end-all in this situation, but it is
generally easier to trust a company that has been around for decades,
as opposed to one that just opened up.

Warranties on their Work

How can
you trust a repairman’s work if they don’t even trust their own? Look
for a repair service that stands behind their work and offers an
extended warranty on all parts and labor. It is better to spend some
extra time searching up front then having to call twice because your
fridge broke again.


When it
comes to appliance repairs, especially refrigerators, time is of the
essence. It only takes fresh foods a few hours to spoil in a
refrigerator that isn’t working. You want a repair service that
offers around-the-clock coverage, and one that can get to your house
as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.
If you
live on Long Island or in New York City, look no further than Speedy Subzero for all of your refrigerator repair needs. We are fully
licensed to work in the state of New York, and have been fixing
refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, and wine coolers for more than
75 years. We offer a 100% warranty on all of our work, and we
guarantee one-hour service to anywhere in Nassau and Suffolk County.
Our phone lines are always open, so call us anytime at 866-782-9376.

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