Reasons to Have a Mini-Fridge in Your Dorm

Ah, college – the cultivation of new friends, new experiences, and new food. Thing is, that last part isn’t always a good thing. How can you combat potentially questionable dining hall cuisine? A mini-fridge, of course! These are the top reasons to have a mini-fridge in your college dorm room. 

  1. Save Money or Dining Points: If you have a meal plan that functions like a debit system, a mini-fridge lets you keep snacks and other yummy foods in your dorm. This way, you don’t have to spend as much money on food at your dining hall.
  2. Have Food on Demand: If your university closes due to inclement weather, you won’t have to go hungry since you’ll have a mini-fridge full of food. Plus, you’ll be saving delivery services from having to send out employees during bad weather.
  3. Stay Healthy: There’s a reason “The Freshman 15” exists in colleges. Dining hall food is often loaded with salt, preservatives, and unhealthy fats. Stocking your mini-fridge with fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks can save you from gaining those extra pounds.
  4. Stash Extra Drinks: If you can’t start your day without your favorite juice or energy drink, don’t waste time trudging to your dining hall. Just grab one from your mini-fridge instead. Pro Tip: Buying a case of water and keeping it in your fridge is way cheaper than buying individual bottles every day.
  5. Keep Your Leftovers: Your mini-fridge allows you to keep your unfinished food fresh for days instead of having to throw it out after an hour or two. Leftovers are the best thing to have on a weekend morning when you don’t feel like leaving your room. (Yes, we’re talking about cold pizza.)

With all the perks dorm mini-fridges offer, we’re surprised you wouldn’t have one already. All it takes is a little maintenance of deodorizing and cleaning to have one of the best conveniences you can allow yourself in college.

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