Refrigerator Cleaning Checklist

refrigerator is the hardest working appliance in your kitchen, so
every once in a while it is good to show it some appreciation with a
thorough cleaning. Since they store all of your food, refrigerators
invite messes, spills, and sticky spots. Use the following checklist
to leave your fridge as clean as new in only 15 minutes.

  • Remove all food from
    your refrigerator.
    The first
    step to cleaning your refrigerator is to remove all of the food
    items from it. The entire cleaning process should take 15 minutes or
    less, but if you are worried about your meat or dairy products going
    bad, you can store them in a cooler while you clean your
  • Remove the shelves
    and wash them.
    After the food
    is completely taken out of the refrigerator, take out all of the
    shelves and drawers and wash them in the sink with a sponge and mild
    dish detergent. Most of the grime and spills on these can be removed
    quickly with some warm water and soap, but you might have to scrub
    to get some of the tougher stains out.
  • Wipe down the
    Once the
    refrigerator is bare, wipe down all interior surfaces with a wet
    cloth and a little bit of soap if necessary. Make sure that you
    completely dry the interior before moving on to the next step.
  • Refill the
    refrigerator and organize your food.
    your shelves are still wet, dry them with a towel and place them
    back in the refrigerator. Then, start replacing your food items one
    by one. As you are putting everything back in its place, check
    expiration dates. If a food has expired or you don’t plan to consume
    it before it does expire, throw it away.
your refrigerator should be sparkling clean, organized, and free of
spoiled foods!
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