Refrigerator Organization Tips

are the hardest working appliance in our kitchens. They are the only
unit that runs 24/7 and gets used several times each and every day.
After purchasing a new refrigerator, many people have a “set it and
forget it” attitude, but rethinking the way you organize your food
will allow you to fit more in it than you ever could have imagined.

Store foods in the right
you store certain foods in your refrigerator can impact how long they
last. Items which are resistant to spoiling – such as juice, water,
and condiments – should be stored on the door because temperatures
fluctuate the most there. Likewise, foods which go bad quickly like
meats and milk should be kept on the bottom shelf where it is the
coldest. Vegetables and fruits should be stored in separate crisper
drawers with the proper humidity settings to extend their freshness.
Reorganize your
refrigerator’s shelves.
every new refrigerator comes equipped with adjustable shelves. This
function provides you with storage flexibility and allows you to fit
nearly any food item comfortably in your refrigerator. Think about
what foods you typically buy and rearrange your shelves to make
access to these items more convenient and space-efficient.
Stack similar containers. 
Another way to make the most
out of the limited space inside of your refrigerator is to keep food
in stackable containers. If you constantly find your refrigerator
stocked with Tupperware containers full of leftovers, storing them on
top of one another can more than double the amount of space you have
for other items.
Add to your usable space.
If you have a lot of space on
the inside of your refrigerator or freezer going to waste due to a
lack of shelves, there are some creative ways to solve this problem.
Magazine racks can be turned on their sides and stacked on top of
each other to add some quick shelves to your freezer, as Aunt Peaches
shows in this article. You can also buy shelf risers for your
refrigerator and store small, fragile items like eggs and bread
underneath them.
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