4 Refrigerator Practices That You Should Avoid

A woman raids the refrigerator late at night

If you want your refrigerator to stay clean, last a long time, and not hog electricity, there are a few things you need to do. Avoiding these four mistakes is a good place to start.

1. Not vacuuming the condenser coils.

The condenser coils are the winding tubes located on the back of your unit. They are a key part of any good maintenance routine, because dirty coils can severely hamper your energy efficiency. Clean these every six months using your vacuum’s brush attachment.

2. Letting frost build up.

If you don’t have an auto-defrosting refrigerator, it is important to manually defrost your freezer when there is an excessive amount of ice build up. Too much frost not only cuts into storage space, it limits air flow too.

3. Keeping it empty.

An empty refrigerator has less thermal mass than one that is well-stocked with food. This means that when the door is opened, an empty fridge loses more cold air. Even if you don’t keep a lot of food on hand, you can fill the empty space with jugs of water, which are handy in emergency situations.

4. Failing to clean it monthly.

Cleaning your refrigerator out every month is a good way to stay on top of expired foods and limit bacteria. A good clean out consists of emptying the fridge of all its contents, wiping down the drawers, shelves, and interior, and throwing out all spoiled food before restocking.

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