Refrigerator Storage Time Chart

Speedy Subzero, we take safety very seriously – especially in the
kitchen. While you may think that the biggest hazards come in the
form of hot pans and sharp knives, the real danger lies within the
food that you eat.
illness is a real thing, and it’s more prevalent than you would
think. According to the Center for Disease Control:
  • 48
    million Americans get sick from the food they eat.
  • 128,000
    of them are hospitalized.
  • 3,000
    people die of foodborne diseases.
numbers are yearly averages!
One of
the biggest reasons that this many people get sick from their food
every year is because they unknowingly eat food which has expired.
Not everyone is aware of how long certain foods last, which is why
Thrillist has created this chart. Take a look to see how long
different foods last when stored in the pantry, refrigerator, and
learn how long fruits and vegetables last, click here to check out
Thrillist’s website!
All of
these storage times are under the assumption that your refrigerator
is at a safe operating temperature: between 34-39° F. If your
refrigerator is warmer than 40°, your food may only last a couple of
hours. If your refrigerator is failing to keep a cold temperature,
give the refrigeration experts at Speedy Subzero a call! We offer
one-hour service to Long Island and New York, so call us today at

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