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Does Freezing Batteries Extend Their Life?

are countless tips and tricks for everything imaginable posted on the
internet and discussed around office water coolers, most of them too
obscure to believe. Keep dust and dirt off of your home’s curtains by
applying several coats of hairspray to them. Place three drops of
vinegar on your tongue to cure the hiccups. Store your household
batteries in the refrigerator to make them last longer. Speedy
Subzero may not know much about curtains or the hiccups – but we
know refrigerators – which is why we are going to take a closer
look at the last tip to see if it is true or not.
to GreenBatteries.com, standard alkaline batteries stored at a normal
room temperature self discharge their energy at a rate of 2% per
year. Raise the temperature to 85°
F and
the rate increases to about 5% per year. Increase it again to about
F and
the rate skyrockets to 25% per year! With this knowledge, it is easy
to understand why people advocate storing your batteries in the
truth is that you should not store batteries in the refrigerator,
especially if you do not live in an extremely hot climate. The best
case scenario is that you increase their lifespan by an insignificant
margin. On the other hand, refrigerating your batteries can lead to
condensation, which can actually corrode and damage them. In fact,
both Energizer and Duracell advise against this method, instead
saying to store their products in a dry, room-temperature climate for
optimal performance.
over 60 years Speedy Subzero has been repairing refrigerators so that
everything in them stays fresh, even batteries. Our “warehouse on
wheels” storage approach allows us to provide one hour service to
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How to Quickly Clean Your Refrigerator

to clean your refrigerator can have many negative consequences.
Besides it becoming unorganized, cluttered, and stuffed with a lot of
expired items, a dirty refrigerator can become a breeding ground for
bacteria. Uncleaned spills and spoiled foods can leave behind tough
residue and a nasty smell in the fridge that is near impossible to
remove, so take twenty minutes every week to prevent that from
happening by properly cleaning your refrigerator. Use the steps below
to give your refrigerator a complete cleaning in twenty minutes or

1. Remove all items from
the refrigerator
you get started, it is important to have an empty refrigerator so
that you have access to every inch of it. Remove all of the food in
it and put it on the counter while you clean. If you want to be
cautious, you can store food that is prone to spoiling (such as dairy
items and raw meat) in a cooler.
2. Clean shelves and
the food is all out, take out any removable shelves and drawers that
you may have. You can clean these in the kitchen sink under warm,
running water with a sponge and your dish detergent of preference.
Most of these should be a quick rinse, but if there is any sticky
residue from a leak or spill, get it out with some elbow grease. You
want your shelves to be as clean as new. After washing, place these
items in your drying rack so they can air dry while you continue
3. Clean the interior
that can be removed from your refrigerator should now be out, leaving
just the bare interior. Take a paper towel and a cleaning agent or a sponge with soap and clean these surfaces. This should be a
quick wipe-down, but look out for any stains or residue that you may
have to scrub off.
4. Dry and replace
If the
interior is still a little wet due to the cleaning supplies, dry it
off with a clean rag or paper towel. The same goes for the shelves
and drawers that you washed in the sink earlier. If they have not
dried completely yet, wipe them dry with a towel before replacing
them in your refrigerator.
5. Organize and filter
through your food
your food is all laid out in front of you, take advantage of the
opportunity to organize it. Go through each item, throw away anything
that has expired, and make a mental note of what items will expire
soon. You can also wipe down anything that may cause a mess at some
point if left uncleaned (such as a sticky jelly bottle). Group all of
your meats, dairy, condiments, fruits, and vegetables together while
you are at it- it will save you time when restocking the fridge
6. Restock your fridge
the smart way
that your food is organized, put it back in the refrigerator where it
  • The
    door: keep condiments, juices, and water on the door. Avoid keeping
    milk here because the temperature of this area fluctuates more than
    any other space in the fridge, which can cause it to spoil
  • Upper
    shelves: Keep your leftovers, ready-to-eat foods, and drinks on the
    upper shelves of your refrigerator.
  • Lower
    shelves: Store your milk, eggs, raw meat, and other foods that spoil
    quickly down here. As you may know, warm air rises, so the bottom of
    your fridge is naturally the coldest and will keep your food
    preserved for the longest possible time.
  • Crisper
    drawers: This is where your fruits and vegetables go. Make sure you
    keep them separated and use the proper humidity settings for each.
have now cleaned your refrigerator from top to bottom, properly
washed everything, got rid of expired items, and organized your food
in the same amount of time it takes to watch an episode of your
favorite TV show on Netflix. If you find your refrigerator is not
working properly for any reason and you live in New York, New Jersey,
or Connecticut, give Speedy Subzero a call at 866-782-9376. We
provide fast, reliable service to the tri-state area, 24/7! You can
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5 Foods You Think Are Supposed to be Kept in the Refrigerator But Aren’t

up, everybody had their household rules about what gets kept in the
refrigerator and what is supposed to go in the pantry. “Everyone
knows you’re supposed to keep the maple syrup in the fridge!”
“Ketchup should go in the cabinet, who in their right mind puts it
in the refrigerator?”
truth is, there are some foods that can be stored in any climate, but
there are some foods that should never
go in the fridge. Below are five foods that are currently sitting in
millions of refrigerators around the world, even though they really
shouldn’t be.
general thought process behind this is, “If I put these in the
refrigerator, it will make them last longer.”
truth is that putting tomatoes in the refrigerator stops the ripening
process, causing them to lose their flavor. It also changes the
texture of tomatoes, making them soft and mushy. Simply store
tomatoes on your counter-top in a plastic bag for best results.
potatoes is the worst way to store them. The cool temperature affects
the starch in potatoes, turning it into sugar. This causes the
potatoes to have a sweet taste when you cook them, and not in the
good way. Store potatoes in a paper bag in a cool (not cold), dry
people do not know this, but honey is a naturally preserved food. If
stored in a tightly-sealed container, honey will taste the same years
after it was made. Putting it in the refrigerator causes the sugars
in the honey to crystallize – a process called granulation. This
results in the honey turning from a thick liquid into a solid which
makes it almost impossible to get out of the jar. For best results,
just stick the jar in your pantry and don’t worry about it for the
next couple of decades.
they are whole beans or grounds, don’t store coffee in the
refrigerator. The primary reason for this is because the coffee will
actually begin to absorb the scents from other foods in the
refrigerator, causing its taste to alter. Once this happens, it is
impossible to get its original flavor back. Instead of the
refrigerator, store your coffee in an airtight container in the
Hot Sauce
This is
something that many people don’t know, but most hot sauces should not
be refrigerated. Cold temperatures can affect the flavor and
consistency of the hot sauce. Depending on the brand, hot sauce can
safely be stored in the pantry for up to three years. Frank’s, a
large hot sauce producer of over half a dozen different flavors, only
requires one of them to be refrigerated. In order to be sure, it is
best to check the label on the bottle.
If your
refrigerator is not working like it used to (regardless of what food is in it) and you live in the
tri-state area, call Speedy Subzero today. We offer one-hour service to New York
City, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey so call us today at
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