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Caring For Your Refrigerator’s Compressor

you may think of your refrigerator as a magical box that keeps your
food cold, the truth is that it is a well-oiled machine must
constantly operate in order to do its job. Like any machine, your
refrigerator is built up of several different components which must
work together in order to complete the refrigeration cycle over and
over again throughout the day.
none of these components is more important than the compressor. The
compressor is the heart of your refrigerator, similar to the engine
of a car. Like a car engine, a refrigerator compressor consists of a
piston and a crankshaft. As the piston moves up and down the
cylinder, it moves refrigerant through the unit, which is essential
to keeping a cool temperature.
The key
to keeping your refrigerator running efficiently is by maintaining a
healthy compressor. The compressor is the most expensive piece of
your refrigerator; if it breaks down, you will likely need to hit the
appliance store and buy a brand new model.
these tips to keep your compressor in good health for years to come:
  • Allow for proper
    The refrigerator
    works by removing heat from the inside. This heat must have a place
    to go, so your refrigerator releases it through vents in the back.
    If your refrigerator is placed too closely to the wall or its
    condenser coils are coated in dust, it hurts the efficiency of the
    refrigerator and forces the compressor to work harder. Allow for
    adequate ventilation by keeping at least four inches of space on all
    sides of your refrigerator and vacuuming the condenser coils every
    six months.
  • Keep your
    refrigerator away from heat sources.
    includes heat-generating appliances such as your stove, and even out
    of direct sunlight if your kitchen provides the flexibility to do
    so. These things can warm up your refrigerator, which is working to
    keep cold. The added heat results in extra work for the compressor
    to maintain a cool temperature.
  • Minimize opening of
    the refrigerator door.
    time you open your refrigerator door, cold air escapes and warm air
    enters. Standing in front of an open refrigerator blankly staring
    for food to eat (we’ve all done it) can release a fridge-full of
    cold air. When making a recipe that calls for multiple refrigerated
    items, try to remove everything from your refrigerator in one trip
    to minimize the amount of time that the door is opened.
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