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How to Unclog Refrigerator Drain Tube

average freezer produces a great amount of condensation over the
course of a day, but it goes largely unnoticed by many of us unless
there is a problem. This is because the water that forms
inconspicuously flows down a tube where it is released into a pan
underneath the refrigerator and eventually evaporates. When the drain
tube gets backed up, however, this water begins to pool inside of
your refrigerator, giving the appearance of a serious leak.

If you
are suffering from a buildup of water at the bottom of your
refrigerator, a clogged drain tube may be to blame. Before calling a
repair service, attempt to clear the clog yourself by following these
easy steps.
  1. Slide
    the refrigerator away from the wall and unplug it from the outlet.
  2. Remove
    the vegetable drawers at the bottom of the unit to gain access to
    the drain tube.
  3. Locate
    the drain tube. It should be at the bottom of the unit behind the
    vegetable drawers. If you are having difficulty locating yours,
    refer to the owner’s manual.
  4. Find
    out what is causing the clog and remove it. If it is a piece of ice,
    using a hair dryer on a low setting will quickly melt it and remove
    the blockage. For other items, you may have to insert a pipe
    cleaner, toothpick, Q-tip, or other skinny object to loosen up the
  5. Flush
    the drain tube with a teaspoon of baking soda and warm water. Remove
    the drain pan from under your refrigerator (refer to owner’s manual)
    and thoroughly clean it with soap and water.
  6. Replace
    the drain pan, vegetable drawers, and any other components which
    were removed during this process. Plug the refrigerator back into
    the outlet and slide it into its original position.
you have successfully completed these steps and your refrigerator is
still leaking, there may be a serious problem. Before buying a new
refrigerator, see if you can repair it for a fraction of the cost.
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