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Refrigerator Energy Saving Tips


You may not realize it, but your refrigerator could be draining energy and raising your utility bills. But fear not–there are simple things you could be doing to conserve energy and save money. These small changes can add up in a big way:

Adjust the refrigerator settings: Keep your fridge between 37 and 40°F and your freezer at 0 to 5°F. Make sure not to keep your fridge on unreasonably low temperature settings to avoid putting a strain on your unit.

Minimize opening the door as much as possible:  Cool air escapes every time the refrigerator door is opened. The unit then works harder to replace the air. Keep the door open no longer than necessary, close the door completely and make sure that your seal is tight.

Keep the fridge full: A full refrigerator retains cold temperatures better than an empty one. If the fridge is empty,  storing water-filled containers inside will help  your  unit recover quickly after the door has been opened.

Move your refrigerator away from heat sources: Keeping your fridge a good distance away from hot areas such as an oven, dishwasher and direct sunlight can result in a 20% lower energy consumption.

A broken refrigerator can also consume much more energy than one which is operating properly. If you suspect your refrigerator is malfunctioning, Speedy Subzero can repair it for a fraction of the cost of a new model. We serve Long Island, New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey, and same-day service is available – call us any time at 866-782-9376 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed technicians.

Where You Should Put Your Refrigerator

If you
looked at the title of this article and said to yourself, “in the
kitchen, duh,” then you are mostly correct – however, there is a
little bit more to it than that. While your refrigerator will serve
its purpose just about anywhere you put it in the kitchen, there are
some ways to maximize its efficiency; more specifically its
Did you
know that the refrigerator can account for 10% of your monthly
electric bill? There are several ways you can reduce this number,
such as opening the door less or vacuuming your condenser coils, but
the location of the appliance can also play a large role.
If you
are redesigning your kitchen, or simply have some free space to work
with, follow these tips to place your refrigerator in the most
energy-efficient spot possible:
  • Place your
    refrigerator against an exterior wall.
    you live in a climate where it is hot year-round. The reason for
    this is that exterior walls tend to be cooler than interior walls
    because they are exposed to the outdoor temperature.
  • Keep your
    refrigerator away from your stove.
    refrigerator should always be as far away from heat-generating
    appliances (mainly your stove) as possible. When you are cooking
    something in the oven, the radiant heat can affect your refrigerator
    and make it work harder to keep cool.
  • Keep your
    refrigerator out of direct sunlight.
    should keep your refrigerator out of direct sunlight for the same
    reason you keep it away from the stove. If the refrigerator is
    absorbing the sun’s rays all day long, it will begin to warm up,
    causing the compressor to work harder to maintain your desired
these tips will help keep your refrigerator colder while using less
energy. If you are still experiencing inconsistent or high
temperatures in your fridge, there may be a mechanical issue. If you
live in Long Island or New York City, call Speedy Subzero Repair at
866-782-9376. We guarantee one-hour service to Nassau and Suffolk
counties and can fix any make or model of refrigerator.