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5 Foods You Think Are Supposed to be Kept in the Refrigerator But Aren’t

up, everybody had their household rules about what gets kept in the
refrigerator and what is supposed to go in the pantry. “Everyone
knows you’re supposed to keep the maple syrup in the fridge!”
“Ketchup should go in the cabinet, who in their right mind puts it
in the refrigerator?”
truth is, there are some foods that can be stored in any climate, but
there are some foods that should never
go in the fridge. Below are five foods that are currently sitting in
millions of refrigerators around the world, even though they really
shouldn’t be.
general thought process behind this is, “If I put these in the
refrigerator, it will make them last longer.”
truth is that putting tomatoes in the refrigerator stops the ripening
process, causing them to lose their flavor. It also changes the
texture of tomatoes, making them soft and mushy. Simply store
tomatoes on your counter-top in a plastic bag for best results.
potatoes is the worst way to store them. The cool temperature affects
the starch in potatoes, turning it into sugar. This causes the
potatoes to have a sweet taste when you cook them, and not in the
good way. Store potatoes in a paper bag in a cool (not cold), dry
people do not know this, but honey is a naturally preserved food. If
stored in a tightly-sealed container, honey will taste the same years
after it was made. Putting it in the refrigerator causes the sugars
in the honey to crystallize – a process called granulation. This
results in the honey turning from a thick liquid into a solid which
makes it almost impossible to get out of the jar. For best results,
just stick the jar in your pantry and don’t worry about it for the
next couple of decades.
they are whole beans or grounds, don’t store coffee in the
refrigerator. The primary reason for this is because the coffee will
actually begin to absorb the scents from other foods in the
refrigerator, causing its taste to alter. Once this happens, it is
impossible to get its original flavor back. Instead of the
refrigerator, store your coffee in an airtight container in the
Hot Sauce
This is
something that many people don’t know, but most hot sauces should not
be refrigerated. Cold temperatures can affect the flavor and
consistency of the hot sauce. Depending on the brand, hot sauce can
safely be stored in the pantry for up to three years. Frank’s, a
large hot sauce producer of over half a dozen different flavors, only
requires one of them to be refrigerated. In order to be sure, it is
best to check the label on the bottle.
If your
refrigerator is not working like it used to (regardless of what food is in it) and you live in the
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What is the right temperature setting for your refrigerator?

refrigerator was designed with one goal in mind; keep your food cold.
Just exactly how cold is up to you; most refrigerators allow you to
adjust the internal thermometer to keep your contents at the exact
temperature that you prefer. Programming your fridge to the right
temperature seems like an easy task, but in fact it can be difficult
to perfect. Turning the thermostat down too low results in frozen
milk and icy watermelon chunks. On the other hand, open the door to a
refrigerator with its temperature even just slightly too high and you
might see (or smell) a dozen rotten eggs or a bag of spoiled oranges.


Subzero is here to help solve this dilemma and keep your fridge at
the temperature that is best for you.
What temperature should
my refrigerator be?
professionals at Speedy Subzero say that the ideal temperature of a
refrigerator is between 35 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Water freezes
at 32 degrees, so it is recommended to keep your fridge at least a
few degrees above the freezing point to avoid turning your orange
juice into an orange slushy. 40 degrees and above is what is referred
to by many experts as “The Danger Zone” because, as The Kitchn
reports, this is where bacteria growth rates begin to triple.
newer models have a digital programmable thermostat which allows you
to choose a precise temperature to maintain. However, many of us do
not have this luxury, and instead have a manual dial you must adjust
without knowing the actual temperature. If this sounds like your
fridge, Speedy Subzero (with some help from Lifehacker) has put
together a list of tips and tricks to help you figure out the
temperature of your refrigerator and maintain a constant cold.
  • Invest
    in a refrigerator thermometer. This is the only way to be absolutely
    certain that your fridge is at the exact temperature you want it to
  • Keeping
    your fridge well stocked will help it better hold its temperature
    when you open the door. This will also result in lower energy
  • If
    you pack your refrigerator too much, however, you can restrict
    airflow, which causes uneven cooling and a higher electricity bill.
  • Store
    the items you want to keep coldest in the back or the bottom of your
    fridge. The cooling element is located in the back, and the bottom
    naturally stays cold because warm air rises.
  • Do
    not put food that is susceptible to spoiling on the door. It is not
    uncommon for items on the door to reach temperatures above 50
  • Minimize
    the opening of your refrigerator. Know what you want to take out
    before you open the door and when getting multiple items, take them
    all out in one go-around.
  • Let
    hot food cool down before putting it in the fridge. Putting those
    steaming hot lasagna leftovers in the refrigerator warms up the
    space around it and can affect the temperature of other foods.
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4 Signs That it is Time for a New Fridge

most refrigerators last about 15 years, replacing yours probably
isn’t one of your daily concerns. Most people don’t even think about
buying a new one until it is too late. However, refrigerators don’t
just break overnight; it is usually a long, slow process of decline.
Looking out for these four signs can help you be aware that you need
to start looking for a new one before yours ultimately dies and all
of your food is spoiled. 
Condensation On the Door Frame
If you
notice water drops accumulating on or around the door frame, this is
a sure sign of faulty seals. A bad sealing system allows cold air to
escape from the refrigerator and warm air to enter it, causing
unnecessary wear and tear on your refrigerator’s compressor. 
The Refrigerator is Hot
If the
outer surface of your refrigerator feels unusually hot, it is a
telling sign that it is going to need to be replaced soon.
Refrigerators produce heat, so it is normal for the exterior to be a
little warm, but if it is excessively hot (as in you can’t
comfortably keep your hand on it for more than a few seconds), it may
be time to hit the appliance store. 
Unusual Increase In the Energy Bill
refrigerators age, they become less energy-efficient. Unfortunately,
the only way to determine this is to keep a close eye on your
electricity bill month-to-month. Of course, a spike your monthly
statement doesn’t necessarily mean it is because of the refrigerator,
in the summer months this could be caused by an air conditioner.
However, if your use of electricity-consuming products around the
house has remained relatively consistent and the bill keeps on going
up, it might be worth it to start thinking of a new fridge. 
Strange Sounds
This is
the most obvious sign of them all. If your refrigerator is making
loud, unusual sounds, then it is literally telling you that something
is wrong. Generally, the noise is being made by the compressor, which
is the heart of your refrigerator. If the compressor is being
overworked, it will drastically reduce the lifespan of your
If you
notice any of these signs with your refrigerator and live in the
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of the essence and waiting could ultimately result in damage beyond
repair. We offer one-hour service to New York City, Long Island,
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Why Choose Speedy Subzero for your Refrigerator Repairs

Are you
having difficulties with your refrigerator? Look no further than
Speedy Subzero to help you out. Our team of experts is readily
available to fix your problem so that you can get back to your life
as soon as possible. Here are four reasons why Speedy Subzero is your
best choice for refrigerator repairs and service:
Same Day Service
99% of
our parts are stored in our “warehouse on wheels.” This means
that we are able to offer same day service to New York City, Long
Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In most cases, one of our
specialists will be at your doorstep within an hour!

refrigerator never stops running, and neither do we. When a
malfunction occurs, waiting until the next business day for a fix often means spoiled food, warm drinks, and a headache for the whole
family. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a
week; even holidays!
Familiarity with all
brands & models
let our name fool you; our team can repair any brand and model you can imagine. This includes refrigerators, freezers, ice makers and wine coolers.
Experienced Technicians
Subzero has been servicing all makes and models of refrigerators and
other sub-zero appliances for 65 years. It is because of this that we
personally guarantee and stand behind all of our work.

If your
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