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How To Prepare Your Refrigerator For Holiday Travel

The holiday season is a busy one for traveling. If you’re packing your bags and hitting the road this month you might be wondering what to do with everything in your fridge. Make sure your refrigerator is ready for your holiday travel with these tips:

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Long Weekend

If you’re skipping away for a short trip for a long weekend or a few days, here are some basic steps you should take:

Check expiration dates — Expired milk, cheese, eggs, cream and meat, can produce some nasty smells. Toss any perishables so you can come home to a pleasant smelling house.

Raise the temperature — With at-risk perishables gone, turn the temperature up a degree or two to save some energy. Just remember to always keep it as close to 40°F as possible.


If you’re extending your holiday vacay for up to 10 days, avoid a fridge disaster with these tips:

Buy fewer groceries — It’s better to run out of food before a trip than to waste what you have.

Remove most perishables — Unless you just bought your milk and veggies, they’ll probably be spoiled by the time you return.

Freeze your meat — Freezing your meat will help extend it’s shelf life. Thaw and eat it when you get home.

Get rid of leftovers — If you haven’t eaten it by now, you definitely won’t eat it when it’s back. The less you have in your fridge, the more pleasant it will be to come home to.

Turn up the temperature — Unless you plan to leave some perishables in the fridge, you should raise the temperature of the fridge to about 38 degrees Fahrenheit; this ensures coolness and longevity for perishable goods, and also helps save on energy costs.


If your fridge isn’t working properly before you jet off for vacation, call the experts at Speedy Sub Zero! We’ve been repairing refrigerators and freezers in the tri-state area for over 75 years! No matter the make or model, our licensed technicians have the experience to get the job done, call us anytime to schedule a same-day appointment at 866-782-9376.


How To Prepare Your Kitchen For The Holidays

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It really is the most wonderful time of year. But while the season is fun and festive it can also be stressful and overwhelming. If you’re in charge of hosting your family for your holiday celebration this year, make sure your kitchen is ready with these holiday preparation tips:

Clean it up:

Tidying up your kitchen is one of the quickest ways to get your home holiday ready. Pay attention to your refrigerator, by giving it a thorough wipe down and tossing items that are past their expiration date. This will not only ensure that you’ve rid your fridge or spoiled items, but will make extra room for the holiday leftovers you’re bound to have. It’s also a good idea to set your table in advance. Organizing the place settings day before your dinner will save you time and stress.

Be sure you have what you need:

The last thing you want to happen is discover you’re missing a key ingredient right before your guests arrive. Double check to make sure  that you have everything on your list a few days before your holiday fete, which will give you optimal time to make a trip to the store.

Invest in a cooler:

Since you’ll undoubtedly be busy in the kitchen the day of your gathering, the last thing you’ll want is guests coming in and out . Setting up a cooler in the living room will allow them to help themselves to a cold beverage and will keep everyone out of your sacred space as you finishing preparing the meal.

If your refrigerator breaks down this holiday season, the repair experts at Speedy Sub Zero can help! We’ve been repairing refrigerators and freezers in the tri-state area for over 75 years! No matter the make or model, our licensed technicians have the experience to get the job done, call us anytime to schedule a same-day appointment at 866-782-9376.

How To Save Energy And Money For Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is an exciting time of year–but it’s also an expensive one! If you’re trying to save for your holiday shopping, it is important to cut costs wherever you can. Did you know that roughly 16% of your monthly electric bill comes from your refrigerator? These small changes can add up to big savings and put some extra holiday cash in your pocket:

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Keep your fridge ⅔ stocked: Your fridge and freezer will use a lot of energy to replace all the cold air that flows out every time someone opens the door. Keeping your fridge and freezer at least 2/3 full, will lessen the amount of air that can leak out.

Clean your condenser coils: If you have dirt and dust built up around your condenser coils, it’ll impeded airflow around the appliance, forcing it to work harder than it has to. It’s been said that you can save 15% of the electricity that your fridge uses by keeping the coils clean!

Keep an eye out for frost build-up: If the frost building up in your freezer is ¼ inch or thicker, it’s time to thaw it out. Your appliance will work much harder than it needs to with a frosty build-up, using a lot more energy!

Always cover your liquids: Did you know that storing uncovered liquids in your fridge will actually cause your compressor to work harder? It’s true! Uncovered liquids will add moisture to the interior, and can possibly contribute to  a frost build up. Save money and energy and make sure all of your items are covered tightly before entering your refrigerator!

A broken refrigerator can also consume much more energy than one which is operating properly. If you suspect your refrigerator is malfunctioning, Speedy Subzero can repair it for a fraction of the cost of a new model. We serve Long Island, New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey, and same-day service is available – call us anytime at 866-782-9376 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed technicians.

The Refrigerator Dictionary

When deciding on purchasing a refrigerator, or simply understanding how your current one works, we know that there are a variety of terms that you may not be familiar with. So the experts at Speedy Sub Zero decided to put together a little glossary of commonly used fridge features to help give you some info on your most used home appliance:

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Compressor: This is the heart of your refrigeration system. The compressor compresses low pressure gas into high pressured gas to adjust its temperature. Once this process is complete, it moves into the condenser for the next step of the process.

Condenser: This is where all the magic happens. This part of your fridge condenses that gas from the compressor into a liquid refrigerant that helps keep your refrigerator cold.

Gasket: If your fridge door is closing properly, your gasket may be to blame!  This is the rubber lining that works it’s way around the door of your refrigerator, locking in cool air to keep your items safe for eating.

Drain Pan: Your drain pan is located next to your compressor and has a very important job. It collects all of the excess water that is left over after the defrost cycle so you don’t wind up with a leaky mess on your floor.

Energy Rating: Energy Star rates your unit on a scale from A-G based on how well it operates in normal conditions. The higher the rating, the less energy is consumed.  This is important to not only reduce energy, but also reduce your utility bills as well.

Evaporator : An evaporator fan draws air from the refrigerator and blows it over the evaporator coils. The liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the air and the air blows back into the refrigerator at a lower temperature, cooling the refrigerator.

Of course, if you still have questions regarding the components of your fridge, or something’s not working properly, call the experts at Speedy Subzero. We are open 24/7/365 – even on Thanksgiving, and  guarantee one-hour service to all of Long Island and New York City. Give us a call to schedule your appointment at 866-782-9376.

How To Properly Store Pie

We have officially entered pie season–the most delicious season of them all! And with lots of holiday events coming up, comes a greater chance at having delicious leftovers (score!). From pumpkin to apple and everything in between, all pies should be handled differently when it comes to storing them. Make sure to follow these pie storing tips to ensure you can indulge in these delicious treats the safe way:

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Fruit Pies:
Apple, blueberry and cherry too–All of your pies with fruit fillings can remain covered and stored at room temperature for up to two days after they’re baked. After that, it’s important to keep them in the fridge for another two days of storage. If they’re still lingering after the four day mark, it’s best to toss them! Not going to finish that pie in four days? No problem–fruit pies are one of the few types that actually freeze well. Place them uncovered in the freezer until frozen solid, then wrap in plastic wrap or foil and place back in the freezer for up to four months. When you’re ready to chow down, thaw them at room temperature for one hour and then reheat at 375°F for about 30 minutes.

Pumpkin & Pecan:
Since pumpkin and pecan pie contain eggs in their filling, these must always be kept in the refrigerator. If you’re trying to get a head start on the pie prep, you can prepare them during the week and store the pie in the refrigerator for up to four days before serving. Make sure to wrap the pie in aluminum foil and ensure that your fridge is set to 38°F to avoid the risk of any illnesses.

Cream, Mousse & Custard Pies
These fan favorites are usually a staple at the holiday dessert table.  While they don’t freeze well, you can keep them covered in the fridge for up to four days. You should hold off on topping them with whipped cream until you’re ready to serve to ensure the ultimate level of freshness (and deliciousness).

You can’t enjoy these tasty holiday pies if your refrigerator isn’t in working order. If your fridge isn’t working properly, call the experts at Speedy Sub Zero! We’ve been repairing refrigerators and freezers in the tri-state area for over 75 years! No matter the make or model, our licensed technicians have the experience to get the job done, call us anytime to schedule a same-day appointment at 866-782-9376.