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Freeze! Did You Know About These Ways to Use Your Freezer?

your freezer door, what do you see? Chances are your freezer is
filled with a little bit of ice and a whole lot of food, but did you
know there are other things you can use it for? Check out some of
these nifty ways to use your freezer for things other than food!
  • Open a sealed
    you ever prematurely sealed an envelope and realized that you forgot
    to include something? Stick the closed envelope in the freezer until
    the glue freezes, you should be able to open it and reseal it
    without causing any damage.
  • Wash” your
    to clean your jeans without fading the color or shrinking the
    fabric? Put them in a Ziploc bag and throw them in the freezer for
    about a week; this should kill all of the bacteria as well as
    eliminate any odors.
  • Make your candles
    last longer.
    candles come at a premium price, and no one wants to spend that
    money on something that burns out quickly. Extend the life of your
    candles by freezing them before burning; this works especially well
    on long, skinny types.
  • Kill dust mites.
    rid of dust mites by putting your stuffed animals, pillows, bed
    sheets, and blankets in a plastic bag and freezing them overnight.
    Then, wash them with extra hot water for a thorough clean.
for more creative ways to use your freezer? Check out this article
from Wonder How To.
of these ideas are contingent on the fact that your freezer is
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