Thanksgiving Leftovers: A Guide To Storing

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing–preparing to eat lots of turkey leftovers for days to come!

storing thanksgiving leftovers

But many of us don’t know just how long we can safely store or leftovers, or the best way to do so!  To keep your Thanksgiving leftovers fresher longer, you’ve first got to ensure that they’re being kept in a safe storage environment. Most Thanksgiving leftovers will stay fresh and tasty for at least a few days in the refrigerator and a month or more in the freezer.

Here are some general rules to follow:

  •     Refrigerate leftover Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, gravy and other cooked side dishes within two hours of serving.
  •     Carve leftover turkey meat off the bones before refrigerating. Be sure to keep the  leftover turkey and stuffing in separate containers.
  •     Divide leftover turkey and other cooked dishes into smaller portions and refrigerate or freeze in covered, small containers for quicker cooling.

Here is a guideline of how long you can safely store your leftovers, so you can enjoy these foods without the worry:

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