The Basics of Wine Storage

New to
the wonderful world of wine? Don’t be intimidated by the long-time
connoisseurs and their professional grade wine cellars. While wine is
a very delicate beverage, you don’t need to invest thousands of
dollars in a place to store it. There are just some basic rules you
have to follow, which we will lay out below.

Cool and Consistent

most beverages, you don’t want to keep wine in the refrigerator.
While heat is wine’s biggest enemy, too low of temperatures can also
negatively affect the taste. The ideal climate for your bottles
depends on the type of wine you have; sweet and sparkling wines are
best kept at 45 degrees, while rich reds do better at 65. All in all,
55 degrees is widely considered to be the best temperature, but even
more important than the number is the consistency. Temperature
fluctuations are not good for wine, so you will want to do your best
to keep the temperature as constant as possible.

Lights Out

your wine storage area should be dark. The suns ultraviolet rays can
cause your wine to prematurely age, and even household light bulbs
can still inflict minor damage. Many winemakers use colored glass
bottles to help block some of the UV rays, but the thin layer of
glass can only do so much. You can invest in special low-UV lighting,
or take the low-tech route and keep the lights off and the sun out.

Steady As She Goes

not as damaging as heat or light, many experts believe that excessive
vibration can also alter the taste of your wine. The theory is that
constant shaking, no matter how minor, speeds up the chemical
reactions in the liquid, and can agitate the sediment, preventing it
from settling properly.

See Things Sideways

It is
highly recommended to keep stored wine on its side. Not only is this
method of storage space-efficient, it also helps preserve flavor. If
the humidity of your storage area is not closely controlled, the cork
could dry out and shrink. When this happens, air can enter the bottle
and deteriorate the integrity of your wine. Keeping the bottle on its
side ensures that the liquid remains in contact with the cork at all
times, helping to prevent it from drying out.
where can you find a place in your home that is consistently cool,
dark, and vibration-free? If you have a basement, that would be a
decent option, but your best bet is to purchase a wine cooler. If you
own a wine cooler and it is failing to keep a consistent temperature,
contact the refrigeration repair experts at Speedy Subzero. We have
75 years of experience serving Long Island and New York City, so call
us anytime at 866-782-9376.

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