The Best Way To Stock Your Refrigerator

Young woman smiling and taking a fresh strawberry from refrigerator.

If you need a map to find the food in your refrigerator, it may be time to reconsider your organization strategy. While simply placing your food wherever it will fit is effortless, a good stocking strategy will make your food easier to find and even help it last longer. Here is the best way to stock your refrigerator, according to the experts at Speedy Subzero.

Top Shelves

The upper shelves in your refrigerator should be reserved for leftovers, ready-to-eat foods, juice and water, and items which do not need to be cooked. Keeping leftovers at eye level will put them front and center every time you open your refrigerator door, which helps prevent them from getting forgotten about. Since the temperatures are generally warmer on the top shelves than the bottom ones, don’t keep any items here which will spoil easily.

Bottom Shelves

The lower shelves are typically the coldest spot in the fridge, so store your milk and raw meat here to keep them fresh for longer. Another reason to store raw meat on the bottom shelf is so that it won’t drip and contaminate foods beneath it.

Crisper Drawers

Most refrigerators come with two crisper drawers – one for fruits and one for vegetables. It is wise to take the hint and keep your produce separated. This is because most fruits produce a gas called ethylene as they ripen. Vegetables, on the other hand, are sensitive to this gas and it causes them to go bad faster. Reserve one of your crisper drawers for fruits, save the other one for vegetables, and make sure both are set to the proper humidity levels.

Refrigerator Door

The refrigerator door is by far the warmest area of the fridge. Every time you open your refrigerator, the items on the door are constantly exposed to the warm ambient air in your kitchen. It’s not uncommon for the temperature of these items to exceed 40°, so only keep food that is resistant to spoiling here. Examples include condiments, bottled water, and certain salad dressings.

Top Of The Fridge

Many people view the top of the refrigerator as an extra shelf in their kitchen. This is perfectly fine, as long as you use it to store the right kind of stuff. Because this area can get particularly warm, avoid keeping produce, bread, or wine here. Instead, use it to store non-food items like cookbooks, containers, and small kitchen appliances.

If your food is prematurely spoiling no matter where you store it, your refrigerator may be malfunctioning. If you live in New York City, Nassau County, or Suffolk County, call the refrigerator repair experts at Speedy Subzero at 866-782-9376.

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