Things to Consider When Buying a New Refrigerator

is just a couple of weeks away, and so is Black Friday. If you are
planning on taking advantage of this year’s price-cuts by purchasing
a new refrigerator, you should go prepared. Here are four things that
you will want to think about before buying your new refrigerator.

  • Size. Refrigerators
    come in a variety of different sizes. Sometimes, your sizing choice
    will be based on personal needs, such as the size of your family and
    how much food you consume. However, if your new refrigerator will be
    placed in between existing kitchen cabinets, its size will be
    restricted to the dimensions of the opening.
  • Style. Typically,
    refrigerators come in four primary styles; top-freezer,
    bottom-freezer, side-by-side, and french door. In addition to
    appearance, each style provides differences in functionality and
    operation. The pros and cons of each style of refrigerator can be
    found here.
  • Energy Efficiency.
    How energy efficient your
    refrigerator is will determine its long-term cost of operation. If
    you are trying to minimize how much energy your refrigerator uses,
    look for models with an Energy Star tag on them. You will pay a
    little more at the time of purchase for these, but they will pay for
    themselves with the energy they save you.
  • Extra features. If
    you are willing to pay the price, there are a variety of fresh,
    innovative features available on new refrigerators. If your budget
    allows for it, maybe you will want to consider a refrigerator with
    an automatic water dispenser or a speed-cooling compartment for your
    soda cans.
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