Things To Know Before Buying a Wine Refrigerator

Do you often find yourself sipping a glass of wine on the regular? Would you consider yourself a wine connoisseur? While some people think that their standard refrigerator would be just fine when storing their wine, if you enjoy a glass of red or white with dinner or just to relax, investing in a wine fridge may be a smart idea. Ask yourself these questions before you buy:

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Is It Really Necessary?

If your wine collection consists of at least 20-30 bottles, you might want to consider storing them in a wine fridge. Bottles that you’re hoping to keep over time to age would also benefit from proper wine refrigeration. It’s very important to maintain consistent temperature in your home or apartment if you have multiple bottles of wine. If you live in a climate that fluctuates from being very cold to very hot, it’s time to invest in a wine fridge!

What Are The Benefits?

Some wines can be very fragile, and are extremely sensitive to temperature, light and humidity. Storing them in a cool, dark place, like a wine fridge will ensure that they last and remain at their optimal taste potential. Wines refrigerators should be kept at 55 to 60 °F and should avoid being in view of bright light and exposure to heat. Keeping your wines in an overheated apartment for 2- 3 weeks will dry out the flavor, while storing them in your regular refrigerator will be too cold and not humid enough.

What Factors Are Involved ?

Choosing a wine refrigerator comes with lots of options. Here are some factors to consider before deciding on one:

    • Size & Space: Think about not only your current collection, but if you will be expanding it in the future.
    • Noise Level: Choose a space where the noise won’t bother you, or for small apartments, opt for a low-noise compact model.
    • Humidity Control: Extend the life of your wine, by purchasing a fridge that offers humidity control. Keeping the levels above 50%, yet below 70% will ensure their longevity.
    • Temperature Options: Some wine refrigerators come with two separate temperature zones, however have been known to break down more easily.

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