Keep Your Chest Freezer Organized with These Tips!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
freezers are great. They provide you with a ton of extra space for
your frozen food, plus they are super energy-efficient. The only
downside to them is that it can be a bit of a headache to find your
food. If you are someone who just throws your frozen goods into your
chest freezer without any form of organization, you will quickly
learn it may be worth your while to reconsider your process.
the usefulness of your chest freezer by using these tips to keep your
food neat, organized, and easily accessible:
  • Keep an inventory
    a full inventory of everything that you have in your freezer, and
    make sure to update it every time you put something in or take
    something out. Keep it on a clipboard with a pen on top of the
    freezer so you never forget to log the changes.
  • Clearly label
    What’s in that
    plastic bag? Is it chicken? Fish? Who knows. And are those
    vegetables from last Thanksgiving, or the one before that?
    is, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s what in a giant frozen
    box. Do yourself a favor and clearly label everything with the type
    of food it is and the date it was frozen.
  • Use easy-to-move
    biggest problem with chest freezers is that it’s not easy to access
    your food, especially towards the bottom of the unit. Instead of
    having to take everything out one-by-one to get to the bottom, store
    your food in bins. Milk crates are perfect for this; they can stack
    and are sturdy enough to hold even your heaviest of foods.
  • Divide frozen
    foods into categories.
    the milk crate idea one step further by dividing your food into
    different categories, and using a different crate for each type. For
    instance, all your frozen meat goes in one crate, vegetables in
    another, baked goods in one, etc.
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