Tips for Organizing a Small Freezer

you are living out of a mini-fridge in college dormitory or are
making due with the small refrigerator in your new apartment,
cramming your frozen food supply into a small freezer isn’t easy. If
you find frozen blocks of meat falling on your toes every time you
open your freezer door, use these tips to maximize your use of
freezer space.
Ditch the ice.
If you
are pressed for freezer space, don’t take up a significant amount of
room with ice cubes. Instead of frozen blocks of water, this space
can better be used for frozen food items. Invest in a countertop ice
machine and save your freezer for solid foods only.
Freeze things flat.
If you
are freezing leftover chili, soup, or another non-solid entree, pour
it into a Ziploc bag and lay it flat in the freezer until it is
completely frozen. This will allow you to store several bags stacked
atop or in front of one another to fit more than you ever could have
Throw away boxes.
If you
take a box out of your freezer and shake it around, you will hear a
lot of rattling. This is the sound of wasted space – foods can be
removed from the box and stored in a freezer bag if there are many
items (popsicles) or in their individual packaging (frozen entrees)
in order to save space.
Throw away old food.
that leftover casserole been sitting in your freezer for several
months without you so much as thinking about eating it? Then throw it
away! Real estate in crammed freezers is valuable, don’t take up room
with something you will never eat; sweep your freezer every couple
months and throw away foods that won’t be consumed.
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