Top 5 Articles of 2014

Here at
Speedy Subzero, we spend hours of our time each and every week to
write and publish content for you to read and share. Now that the New
Year is well underway and the hangovers have subsided, let’s take a
look at our 5 most popular articles from 2014. Click on any of the article names to be taken to the webpage.

article features four innovative inventions that get things done.
From all-in-one breakfast sandwich makers to pineapple core removers,
find out which devices you’ve never heard of can make your life
easier in the kitchen.
article takes everyone’s favorite game – fact or myth? – and puts
a spin on it. Read through the statements in this column and see if
you can determine which ones are true and which ones are erroneous.
Some of the answers may surprise you!
the best advice you will ever receive – well, in regards to your
refrigerator at least. This post is chock full of tips and tricks to
maintaining and cleaning the hardest working appliance in your
kitchen; the refrigerator.
This is
a must-read article if you are thinking about purchasing a new
refrigerator. This short, concise guide lays out some of the
fundamental qualities to contemplate during the buying process to
ensure you choose the refrigerator that is perfect for you and your

modern technology continues to advance, more and more luxuries are
becoming available to the everyday consumer. Refrigerators are
evolving from regular appliances to high-tech multipurpose machines
with the addition of features such as touchscreen surfaces and WiFi
connectivity. Check out the four coolest features available with new
refrigerators in this article.
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