Upright Freezers vs. Chest Freezers

that are attached to refrigerators can provide sufficient storage
space for an individual, but a large family may need more room.
Standalone freezers – available either as chest or upright models –
provide a large, dedicated spot to store your family’s frozen goods.
If you are deciding which type of standalone freezer you should get
for your home, read the pros and cons of both styles below.

Upright Freezers
  • Easily accessible
    and organized.
    When opened up,
    upright freezers often resemble the inside of refrigerators. Because
    they come equipped with shelves and drawers, food items can easily
    be organized, seen, and reached by users.
  • Less floor space.
    Upright freezers are a good
    choice for anyone with space limitations. Their tall, skinny build
    offers plenty of storage for the limited floor space they use.
  • Less
    By design,
    upright freezers are less energy-efficient than chest freezers.
    However, they still consume significantly less energy than the
    average top-freezer refrigerator.
  • Less storage space.
    Upright freezers have the
    advantage of using less floor space than chest freezers, but they
    also have less storage space – about 15% less than chest freezers
    of the same size.
Chest Freezers
  • More storage space.
    The biggest benefit offered by
    chest freezers is their large storage capacity. Because they do not
    come equipped with shelves, all of their internal space is usable
    for storing food. Their shape also makes it possible to store long
    and irregularly shaped items that may not fit in an upright freezer.
  • More energy
    Chest freezers use
    almost 50% less energy than their upright counterparts. A big part
    of this is because gravity pulls down on the top door of the chest
    freezer, making its seal tighter and allowing less cold air to
  • Difficult to
    organize and access.
    freezers typically do not have shelves, baskets, drawers, or any
    other tools to make organizing and finding your food easy. A lot of
    bending and reaching is required to get food out and it can be
    difficult for shorter people to reach items on the very bottom of
    the freezer.
  • More floor space.
    Another downside of chest
    freezers is the amount of floor space they take up. Their long shape
    also makes it difficult to move into some houses, especially if you
    have to go around corners. If you are confined by tight spaces in
    your home, it may be in your best interest to choose an upright
    freezer instead.
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