Ways To Prepare Your Refrigerator For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner, and we know our refrigerators are going to get a workout! If you’re hosting your family festivities, you might want to get a head start on prepping your refrigerator now to make room for all of your goodies. Here are some ways to prepare you refrigerator for your Thanksgiving meal:

Clean it out: Nothing is more off-putting than a dirty refrigerator, so be sure to give yours a thorough scrubbing before the big day. Removing all expired food and wiping down down the shelves and exterior will give you a clean canvas to stock up on your favorite Turkey-Day treats.

Rearrange the shelving: Since your turkey and trays of vegetables  can take up a lot of space, you may have a hard time fitting in all of your food in your fridge as it is. Make room for these oddly-shaped items by rearranging the shelves in your fridge. Sliding them out and back will open up your space so that all of your food can easily fit.

Keep extra storage: No doubt that your fridge will be jam packed all day as you move from course to course. Investing in a cooler to store your drinks is a great way to avoid opening your fridge multiple times a day and risking wasting energy and changing the temperature of your unit. Not only that, but storing your drinks in a separate spot will free up that prime refrigerator real estate that is so coveted on Thanksgiving.

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