What Is The Perfect Temperature For Your Refrigerator?

 Refrigerators are here to keep your food cold, right? But can it be too cold? If your fridge temperature is set too low, those celery sticks will soon become celery popsicles. And if the temperature isn’t set low enough, your food can spoil and the risk of food related illness will greatly increase. The key, like most things in life, is finding the right balance. So what is the  ideal temperature for your refrigerator to be set to? Let us help!

What’s The Right Temperature?

When thinking of the ideal fridge temp, it helps to think in terms of Goldilocks’ principle: not too hot, yet not too cold. Bacteria growth starts to triple around the 40°F mark, yet freeze around 32°F, making the ideal temperature range between 35 to 38°F.

How Do I know If It’s At The Right Temperature?

A refrigerator thermometer is the most accurate way to get a temperature reading. Some newer fridge models come with a digital temperature display, but for older ones, a freestanding thermometer is crucial. Older models come equipped with a dial, but the numbers don’t translate to actual temperature, and are typically not too helpful.

**Added bonus of the freestanding thermometer–if the power goes out, you’ll still have an accurate gauge on if your food is safe to eat or not!

What Are Some Ways To Keep The Right Temperature?

We’re glad you asked! If you’re having trouble keeping your refrigerator’s temperature consistent, these could be to blame:

  • You open the door too often: Opening the door multiple times in a row can affect your fridge’s temperature. If you’re planning a recipe, try to grab all of your ingredients at once to avoid keeping the door open for a prolonged period of time.
  • Your seal could be broken: The seal on your door should be airtight. Even the slightest opening can change the temperature. Check to make sure your gasket doesn’t need to be replaced.
  • Your food is too hot to handle: Making sure your food is cooled down prior to putting it into the fridge will not only expand the life of the food, but will avoid heating up the fridge, making it unsafe for all of the other foods in there.

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