What to Do if Your Refrigerator is Warm

storage conditions are essential in order to keep your food fresh and
safe to eat. One of the most important factors in food storage is the
temperature; refrigerated foods must be kept under 40°F in order to
limit bacteria growth and prevent foodborne illnesses.
If you
notice that the food in your fridge is constantly spoiling before its
expiration date, it may not be the food’s fault. Refrigerators are
complex machines which require many different components to
seamlessly work together; just one malfunctioning part can lead to a
warm inside.
what you can do if your refrigerator is warm:
Step 1: Turn Down the
refrigerators come with adjustable thermostats which you can use to
regulate the temperature. Some of these thermostats have precise
degree indicators, while others just say “warmer” and “colder”.
Turn down the thermostat in your refrigerator and wait 24 hours to
see if it has cooled a sufficient amount. If not, move to the next
Step 2: Inspect the
gasket is the rubber seal located around the refrigerator door and is
responsible for keeping cold air in and warm air out. The gasket is
usually one of the first refrigerator components to need replacing,
so test yours to see if it is still performing at full strength. To
test your gasket, close your refrigerator door on a dollar bill; if
you can easily remove the bill or slide it up and down, it is time to
buy a new gasket. Luckily, new gaskets are inexpensive and can be
swapped out in just a few minutes.
Step 3: Call the
After turning down your thermostat and inspecting your gasket, you
should call a local repair service if nothing has changed. The
problem could be caused by your compressor, evaporator fan,
electronic control board, or a number of other components. These
problems are not easily identifiable, so it is best to let an expert
handle the situation.
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