What to Do If Your Refrigerator is Making Loud Noises

A noisy
refrigerator is not a happy refrigerator. In fact, if your fridge is
making loud noises, it is almost always a sure-fire sign that
something is wrong. Even if all appears to be well, letting a small
problem go unfixed can quickly turn into a big problem. Save yourself
the cost of a new appliance by being proactive and fixing your noisy
refrigerator before a new one is needed. Just follow these
troubleshooting steps:
  1. Popping noises may
    not indicate problems.
    If you
    own an auto-defrost refrigerator, loud noises may not mean that
    there is a problem. If your refrigerator is making popping sounds
    (as opposed to a loud humming or clanking), this could actually
    indicate that the defrost heater is working properly.
  2. Make sure your
    refrigerator is level.
    If your
    refrigerator stops making noises when you place your hand on it, it
    is most likely because the unit is uneven. Use a carpenter’s level
    to check if it is evenly balanced, both side-to-side and
    front-to-back. To level your refrigerator, have a friend or family
    member tilt it upwards while you adjust the legs underneath.
  3. Locate where the
    noise is coming from.
    where the noise is coming from will help you determine which
    component may need to be repaired. Problem areas include inside of
    the freezer, the bottom of the refrigerator, and the rear of the
  4. Check the drain pan.
    If there is a rattling noise
    coming from the bottom of the refrigerator, it is likely a loose
    drip pan. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Simply remove the access
    panel on the bottom of the refrigerator, slide the drain pan out,
    empty it and clean it, and replace it securely.
  5. Call a licensed
    repair technician.
    If none of
    the above steps have fixed your loud refrigerator, it is likely a
    serious problem that involves the refrigerator’s compressor,
    condenser fan, evaporator fan or defrost timer. In any of these
    cases, it is best to call a professional in order to properly
    identify and fix the problem.
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