What to Expect With Speedy

Whether it’s a new gym class or a home renovation, you always feel more comfortable when you know what to expect. When you’re in need of fridge repairs, it helps knowing how your repair company operates. So we’ve taken the guessing out of it all. This is what you can expect with Speedy Subzero Repairs.

What to Expect with Speedy


When you call Speedy, you’ll be greeted by one of our awesome customer service representatives who will take the time to get the details of your fridge or freezer problem. From there, we’ll deploy one of our highly-trained technicians to come help you.


We offer same-day service, so we’ll get to your home when you need us. And if you live on Long Island or in Queens, you can even get service within the hour! That’s even less waiting for great service from Speedy.


All our technicians work to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem with your fridge or freezer, all while providing you with the highest quality workmanship possible. Plus, any and all work we do is guaranteed, and we stand behind every repair we make.


We stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels,” so it usually only takes a trip to the truck to fix your fridge or freezer.

If you’re in need of fridge or freezer repairs on Long Island, or in Queens or NYC, contact Speedy Subzero Repairs! We even offer printable coupons to save you money on repairs. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 888-572-6057.


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