What You Need to Know About Your Refrigerator’s Condenser Coils

quiz: Write down everything you know about your refrigerator’s
condenser coils.


you think of anything? If not, don’t feel too bad. While almost every
American has a fridge sitting in their kitchen, most of us don’t know
anything about them besides the fact that they keep our food cold.
they appear to be a giant box of ice, refrigerators are actually
complex machines which require several different components to come
together and operate as one. One of these components are the
condenser coils, and they are extremely important. Here’s why:
On most
modern refrigerators, the condenser coils are located on the rear of
the model. If you look at the back of your refrigerator, you will
likely see a curvy tube that winds back and forth across the whole
unit – these are the condenser coils.
the refrigeration cycle, liquid refrigerant runs through these tubes
in order to cool down, and heat is released through the back of the
unit. This is why it is recommended to keep at least six inches of
space between the refrigerator and the wall; in order to allow for
proper ventilation.
problem is that dust, dirt and pet hair can accumulate on these
coils, leaving a thick layer of grime. When the condenser coils are
coated in dust, they can’t efficiently release heat, which causes the
refrigerator to work longer and harder to maintain a cold internal
temperature. This not only forces your refrigerator to consume more
energy, it places additional wear-and-tear on the compressor.
To save
money on your electricity bill and extend the lifespan of your
refrigerator, clean these coils every 3-6 months. All you need is a
vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and ten minutes of free time,
cleaning instructions can be found here.
If you
are not up for the task of cleaning the coils yourself, Speedy
Subzero is currently offering a $40 special which includes coil
vacuuming, motor oiling, freon level testing, and more. New York,
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