Which Refrigerator Type is Best For Your Family?

If it
has been a while since your last trip to the appliance store, you may
feel overwhelmed with the variety of options in the refrigerator
section. With different colors, configurations, and optional features
such as water dispensers and WiFi capability, it is enough to make
your head spin. If you are having trouble determining which style of
refrigerator is right for your family, this article is for you.
refrigerators come in four styles: top-freezer, bottom-freezer,
side-by-side and French door. Each offer their own distinct pros and
cons, read below to figure out which is most suitable for your


This is
the most economical choice for families who are on a budget. These
are the most common types of refrigerators, and they are the cheapest
to purchase and repair. They typically don’t offer many features, but
they do offer the most usable space per cubic foot. If you are
strapped for room in your kitchen beware of these models, as they
have wide doors.


it is more expensive to buy than its top-freezer counterpart,
bottom-freezer refrigerators are the cheapest to operate. Many people
prefer these styles because it places the fresh food section at eye
level, which is convenient because this area is used more often than
the freezer section. However, this configurations makes your frozen
foods more difficult to access and find.


freezer and fresh food sections are split vertically, which allows
both to be at eye level. These models usually sacrifice some
refrigerator space for extra freezer space, so this is a viable
option for families who never seem to have enough room in their
freezer. These models typically have features such as water
dispensers, and their narrow doors are good for smaller kitchens. The
drawback to the narrowness of this style is that you can’t easily fit
wide items – such as pizza boxes.

French Door

Door refrigerators are the most expensive, but they offer benefits of
both the bottom-freezer and side-by-side refrigerators. Eye-level
fresh food section, narrow doors, and wide shelves for easy storage
of platters and pizza boxes are among the most attractive features of
a French door refrigerator.
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