Why Your Fridge Is Beeping

While it’s normal for your refrigerator to make a few noises — it’s a working machine — it would be pretty alarming to hear your fridge start beeping. Like most of the times they go off, beeps are a sign that something is wrong, and it’s your fridge’s way of trying to tell you it needs assistance. If your fridge is beeping, here are some of the reasons why.

You overstuffed it.

Sometimes we struggle to get all of our food to fit inside our fridge or freezer and end up putting in more than our fridge could handle. If this happens and your door can’t shut properly, your fridge be start beeping let you know.

Something is wrong with the door seals.

If the seals on your refrigerator door are damaged or too dirty, it could prevent your door from shutting, setting off beeping alarms. In this situation, have the seals replaced if they’re damaged, and wipe them down if they’re dirty.

The fridge may be off balance.

If your fridge is sitting on anything other than solid flooring, it may tilt too far in one direction. Even if the tilt is slight, it can cause your fridge to start beeping to signal a problem. Always make sure your refrigerator is on a level ground or surface.

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