Why is My Freezer So Noisy?

When you have guests over, where is one of the first places they usually go? Your kitchen, of course! Food is one of the easiest ways to anyone’s heart. But doesn’t it kill the mood when you’re trying to enjoy an afternoon with friends and your conversation is overshadowed by a loud freezer? If your freezer is so noisy that it’s disturbing your kitchen and home, these may be some reasons why.

Why is my freezer so noisy?

Overworked Compressor

Normally, your freezer’s compressor runs around 80-90% of the time when it’s cooling, producing a low humming noise. However, if you pack your freezer to near-capacity, your compressor will work harder to cool the entire space, therefore creating a louder buzz. The buzz could also be a lot louder if you’re constantly opening and closing your freezing since this lets cold air out and causes your compressor to work harder to keep food cold.

Dirty Condenser Coils

As your condenser runs, dust and grime from around your fridge can build up on the coils, causing a restriction in airflow. This causes your condenser work harder to get cool air to your freezer, making it noisier than usual. Usually cleaning the coils will help improve the problem — and that’s great since Speedy has a $39.95 summer cleaning special!

If you’re dealing with a noisy freezer, contact the experts at Speedy Subzero Repair. We’ve been offering fridge and freezer repairs since 1946, so you know you can trust our service! For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 866-782-9376.


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