Why Is My Fridge Not Cold?

We’ve all seen the movie scenes in which a person stands in front of their fridge to get some cool relief from the summer heat. But what happens when your fridge isn’t cold? Now, not only can you not get a breath of cold air (pun intended) but your food also isn’t being stored properly and can spoil. (Clearly, one of those things in more important than the other.) If your fridge isn’t cold, one of these issues might be the reason why.

Faulty Door Gaskets

The door gaskets are there to make sure your fridge is fully sealed every time you close it. If the gaskets are torn or broken, air can leak out of your fridge, resulting in it being warmer than it should be. Speedy can quickly replace your gaskets so they’re as good as new.

Faulty Temperature Control

Temperature control is a common reason why your fridge wouldn’t be cold. If your thermostat is simply set too high, you can adjust it to the right setting. However, if it is set to the correct temperature, and your fridge still isn’t cold, you may have to call Speedy to replace the temperature control panel.

Inadequate Air Flow

If you pack your fridge to the point of near capacity, there won’t be enough space for air to flow through your unit, and your food won’t be cooled evenly. In the same regard, if you skip your grocery shopping and there is very little food in your fridge, your unit could also not work efficiently.

Refrigerant Leak

Though this isn’t as common, if your refrigerant leaks, your fridge won’t work properly. You’ll need to call a service technician to help you with this one. If you’re on Long Island, call Speedy!


Speedy Subzero Repairs is your trusted service for refrigerator and freezer repairs. We stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels” and offer service within the hour for homeowners on Long Island and in Queens. For more information or to schedule a service, please call us at 866-782-9376.



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