Why is My Fridge So Noisy?

It’s normal for your refrigerator to make a bit of noise – some ticking, humming, or even some clacking if you have an automatic ice maker. But if your fridge makes so much noise that it disturbs you when you’re in your kitchen, there’s a problem. If you’re confused as to why your fridge is so noisy, we’ve got some answers.

When There’s Noise Coming from the Back

If you think the noise is coming from the back of your fridge, you could be looking at three potential problems. Your condenser fan could be covered in dust and cause it to produce noise, or the fan could have a faulty motor which you’ll need to get replaced. If the problem is your defrost timer, you’ll need to replace that component entirely. You will also have to replace your condenser if it’s too noisy. Since it’s not always safe to be futzing around with the back components of your fridge, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs for service within one hour, and get your fridge to hush up.

When There’s Noise Coming from the Inside

The noise will probably be coming from the inside of your fridge if it’s self-defrosting. This is usually caused by the fan used to circulate air throughout the fridge and freezer. Depending on what model of refrigerator you have, the fan could be located in different areas. You can check if the fan is the problem by opening your freezer and pushing the light switch in. If the noise gets worse, that’s a sign that the fan has a faulty motor and will need to be replaced. When you call Speedy, we’ll be able to fix your fridge on the spot, since we stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels.”

If you’re in need of refrigerator repair, you need Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. You can even get $25 off of your repair with our coupon. For more information or to schedule a repair in Nassau County, Queens, or NYC, call 866-782-9376.


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