Why Is My Refrigerator Warm? Common Causes For Temperature Problems

“You had one job!” is something that you might yell at your refrigerator
when your food goes bad because the temperature was too warm.
refrigerators do only have one job (to keep your food cold), they
require a lot of individual components working together in order to
get it done right. If just one of the pieces to the puzzle isn’t operating
at full capacity, you could end up with a fridge full of spoiled
If you
are having problems getting your refrigerator to maintain a
consistently cold temperature, it might be due to one of these
Thermostat Settings
Nearly every refrigerator on the market today has an adjustable
thermostat. The high-end models will allow you to set your desired temperature
to an exact degree, while the more economical units will have a dial
labeled 1-10 or cold-coldest. Whichever you have, make sure the
thermostat is set appropriately.
Leaky Gasket
The gasket is the rubber seal that runs around the inside of your
refrigerator door. It is responsible for preventing air loss, but it
is often one of the first components that needs replacing. Visually
inspect your gasket for signs of wear and tear – if yours is cracked, you
should swap it out for a new one immediately.
Dirty Condenser Coils
Your refrigerator releases heat through the condenser coils, which
are located on the back of most models. Over time, these coils can
become coated in a thick layer of dust, dirt, and other grime,
hurting your appliance’s ability to keep cool. Clean these coils
every six months using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
At any given time, there are no less than a dozen mechanical
components working to keep your refrigerator cold. With this many
variables, it is nearly impossible to guess which one is responsible
for your problem. If your thermostat is set to its lowest setting,
your gasket is undamaged, and your condenser coils are clean, you
should call a local repair service to identify the problem.
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