Why is There Frost Buildup in My Freezer?

How many of you have ever had to chip away at ice in your freezer just to be able to get a bag of frozen peas or a tub of ice cream out of it? While your freezer is meant to keep things cold, it’s not supposed to turn into an icy tundra. If there’s frost buildup in your freezer, there are a few parts that you can check with some help from Speedy.

The Refrigerator Defrost Sensor

The sensor detects when the evaporator may overheat, and turns off the defrost heater if it thinks the temperature is getting too hot. If the defrost sensor isn’t working correctly and trips, you could end up with frost buildup on your evaporator fins, causing the freezer to cool improperly. Speedy can replace your defrost sensor quickly, since we stock 99% of parts in our warehouse on wheels.

The Refrigerator Defrost System

The system melts frost from the evaporator in order to improve heat exchange. The process includes the compressor stopping, the defrost heating element turning on, and frost melting away from the evaporator fins. The water then goes into the evaporator tray and is blown through a defrost drain tube to a drain pan where it evaporates. If any part of that process doesn’t happen properly or work, you’ll need to repair the part that’s causing the problem

The Freezer Door

Over time, your door can begin to sag and let warm, moist air into your freezer. This can lead to excessive frost that can cause the drain tube to freeze. A simple repair by Speedy can align your freezer door, so you no longer have to worry about frost.

Speedy Sub Zero Repair can service your freezer within the hour since we stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels,” so it’s back to working properly. For refrigerator and freezer repairs on Long Island, call 866-782-9376.


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