Why You Should NOT Have a Second Refrigerator

You get
home from your weekly trip to the grocery store, and as you’re
unloading your groceries, you realize that you’ve run out of room in
the refrigerator. So what do you do? You collect all the beer, walk
down to the basement, and put it in your second fridge to make room.
After all, that’s what your second refrigerator is for, isn’t it?
If this
scene, or something similar, sounds familiar to you, you should
reconsider your choices according to the Washington Post. In a recent
article, they recommend not having a second refrigerator in your
home, and they go into great detail discussing why.
You can
read the full article here, but here are some of the highlights that
they point out:
  • Having
    a second refrigerator adds to your total household energy
    consumption, which is bad for the environment.
  • Second
    refrigerators tend to be old. In fact, almost 15% of homes have a
    second refrigerator that is at least 20 years old. These old,
    inefficient models are major energy hogs.
  • Refrigerators
    manufactured today can save you over $200 per year in operating
    costs when compared to ones manufactured in 1978.
  • Most
    second refrigerators are placed in the basement or the garage, where
    they will have to battle the elements to keep cold. This can be
    particularly troubling during the summer, where the compressor will
    be forced to work almost nonstop.
  • By
    turning your old refrigerator into your second fridge, you are
    nullifying the energy savings gained by buying a more
    energy-efficient model. By running both refrigerators, you are
    actually increasing your carbon footprint, not reducing it.
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