Why You Should Own a Chest Freezer

you are living by yourself, the freezer compartment of your
refrigerator probably doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of space to
store your frozen goods. If you are tired of stuffing food in your
freezer trying to make it fit or rearranging everything after each
trip to the grocery store, it may be time to invest in a chest
freezer. Chest freezers not only provide the convenience of extra
storage space, they offer some money saving benefits as well.

below to learn about the advantages of owning a chest freezer.
Added Storage Space
a chest freezer to your house gives you a generous amount of added
storage space for frozen food, offering not only convenience, but
economic benefits as well. With the extra space that a chest freezer
provides, you will be able stock up on meat and vegetables when they
are on sale and take less trips to the grocery store, saving both
time and gas.
Energy Efficiency
When it
comes to energy efficiency, chest freezers do not disappoint; they
consume about 50% less electricity than their upright counterparts.
Why, you ask? Two reasons; the first is that cold air sinks. Since
chest freezers open from the top, very little cold air escapes when
you open them, allowing them to consume less energy to keep cold. The
second reason is that when a chest freezer is closed, gravity is
constantly pulling down on the door, creating a very strong seal and
making it nearly impossible for warm air to enter. In fact, during a
power outage, a chest freezer can keep your food frozen for 48-72
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