Why You Should Recycle Your Fridge

You decided it’s finally time to remove that old clunky refrigerator that’s been taking up space in your basement for so long! So what do you do? Do not throw it away! You heard right– make sure you do NOT throw it away! Old appliances contain materials which are harmful to the environment, so recycling them is the only way to properly dispose of them. Here’s some other reasons why recycling your fridge is the way to go:


It’s Eco-Friendly:

Recycling helps the environment immensely, and recycling your large refrigerator is no different. The refrigerants used in older units are classified as greenhouse gas, and should be kept out of the environment whenever possible to avoid doing damage.

Get Money Back:

Often times, rebates are available as an incentive for recycling your old refrigerators and freezers. In some states, you can also earn additional money for recycling your appliance, and as an added bonus, they will usually pick it up from your house and haul it away for free!

It’s the Law:

Since old refrigerators are defined as hazardous waste, improperly disposing of them is a punishable offense in the court of law. If you can’t haul the entire unit off completely, make sure the freon is removed from the condenser coil by a licensed technician.

Looking to recycle an old refrigerator in your area?  This guide will help you learn how to properly do so!

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