Why You Should Recycle Your Old Refrigerator

Do you
have an old refrigerator or freezer sitting around taking up space?
If you are thinking about getting rid of it, do not throw it away.
Repeat: DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! Old appliances – especially
refrigerators and freezers – often contain materials which are
harmful to the environment; properly disposing of these materials and
recycling the appliance is a much better option than simply throwing
it away.
recycling your old, unused refrigerator, you are doing something good
for the environment. The refrigerant used in older refrigerators and
freezers is classified as a greenhouse gas, so it should be kept out
of the environment whenever possible.
Rebates are Available
In many
areas, government and private rebates are available as an incentive
for recycling old refrigerators and freezers. Depending on the city
and state you live in, you can earn up to $50 for recycling your
appliance – plus, they will usually pick it up from your house and
haul it away for free!
It’s the Law
of the refrigerant contained within these appliances, old
refrigerators are defined as hazardous waste, and improperly
disposing of them is a punishable offense in the court of law. At the
very least, the freon needs to be removed from the condenser coils by
a licensed technician, but it is usually best to just have someone
haul the entire thing away to completely take it off of your hands.
Want to
know how to recycle an old refrigerator in your area? Click here!
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