The Danger of Dirty Refrigerator Coils

Imagine you had the task of running a mile around a track in under 10 minutes. You’re in pretty good shape, so you take off without problems. But as time goes on, you’re made to wear a weighted vest as you run that gets heavier each half a mile you run. You would’ve been fine when you first started out on your own, but now outside factors are weighing you down and making it harder to complete your task. By the time you finish, you’re about near ready to collapse. That’s exactly what it’s like for a fridge to run with dirty refrigerator coils.

The Science Behind It

The coils on the back of your refrigerator work under the second law of thermodynamics. That basically means that when two different things are near each other at different temperatures, the hotter one will cool and the colder one warms. In terms of your fridge, gas refrigerant is pushed through the coils, cools and liquefies. There it soaks up the heat in your fridge and freezer and cools everything inside it.

What That Means

When your coils are covered in dust, pet hair, and other grime, that thermodynamic process we mentioned is seriously hindered. Dirty coils prevent your fridge from cooling, resulting in spoiled food. If your unit is still able to cool at all, it’s going to work a lot harder than it should, causing major wear and tear.

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