Wine Storage Guide

Wine is
unlike any other beverage in the world. Enthusiasts and connoisseurs
constantly analyze and critique the flavors, aromas, and
consistencies of wines from all over the world. In the eyes of these
people, wine isn’t just a drink, it is an art; and one with a precise
set of rules and guidelines – especially when it comes to storage.

As the
old proverb goes, wine gets better with age – but only when
properly stored. Less-than-ideal temperatures and other storage
condition can negatively affect the wine’s integrity and ruin the
bottle before you get a chance to open and enjoy it. Below is a chart
that illustrates the ideal storage temperature for different types of
wine, courtesy of
Other Wine Storage Tips
  • The
    above chart is a good guideline to follow, but it isn’t the bible of
    wine storage. Generally speaking, storing your bottles anywhere
    between 45° and 65° will do the trick.
  • More
    important than the exact temperature is the stability of it. Rapid
    or frequent fluctuations in temperature can damage the wine’s taste.
  • Light
    from the sun presents a problem for the long-term storage of wine.
    UV rays can penetrate the bottle and prematurely age the wine, which
    is why winemakers often use colored glass bottles.
  • Storing
    wine on its side is not only an efficient way to use space, but it
    offers benefits to the wine’s preservation as well. When stored like
    this, the wine is always in contact with the cork, which prevents it
    from drying out and allowing air to enter the bottle.
amateur wine enthusiasts who don’t want to invest in a full-blown
cellar, wine refrigerators are the perfect option. These standalone
units provide a sufficient place to store wine at a consistent
temperature. If your wine refrigerator ever breaks down, you can
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